Ankara Nightlife Nightclubs and Bars

June 3, 2011

in Ankara

ankara nightlifeAnkara is the capital city of Turkey with more than 4 million people. For a such a big city, it is normal to expect a high profile Nightlife. Ankara nightlife is active, fun, and comfortable and safe. It is a bit different than istanbul nightlife. You will see how when you get to chance to enjoy both of them ( ankara vs. istanbul nightlife would be another topic though, in Ankara you will encounter more Turkish people so less tourists, fewer nightlife districts but lots of bars and nightclubs at those specific areas etc).

Ankara Nightlife Nightclubs and Bars Districts

Kizilay and Sakarya Caddesi: Kizilay meydani is the center of Ankara. Most of Ministries and governmental buildings are there. It is good place for shopping and eating. As for nightlife, Sakarya Caddesi is a good alternative. You will see local Turkish men there sitting and drinking bear and raki mostly with snacks. On the sakarya street, there are more than 20 bars on the left and right hand side of the street. Good to visit if you don’t like touristic areas and want to see local people.  Bahcelievler: It is an area where most of the students live and hang out in Ankara. There is a street called 7th street at the area and there are lots of restaurants, bars, cafes and other attractions. It is good to visit both during day and nighttime.

Tunali Hilmi Caddesi: Tunali Hilmi is a street just like 7th street in Bahcelievler. There are also streets around Tunali Hilmi called Bestekar Sokak, Arjantin and Filistin Caddesi where lots of bars and clubs exist. The places around alsa called Cankaya Region.

Park Caddesi: Part street is Ankara’s newest nigtlife attraction area. It is a bit far from the city center, you need to go there with a car or a taxi. Park street is like a small manhattan or london, an area dedicated to nightlife drinking and eating.

Ankara Nightclubs, Bars and Pubs

Nefes Bar: It is a restaurant and bar near sakarya caddesi.

Havelka: A bar, restaurant and nightclub on 7th street. Its old name was pampero bar.

If Performance Hall: It is a small nightclub on tunus street near tunali hilmi street.

Manhattan Bar and Night Club, Overall Nightclub, The North Shield Pub, Newcastle Pub, Murphy’s Dance Bar are other attractions to go at night.

In short, if you just hang around the nightlife districts, you will encounter lots of touristic and local places, just pick one, if you don’t like, go to another.

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