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June 16, 2011

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antalya nightlifeAntalya is the secong biggest touristic city of Turkey coming after Istanbul. Antalya and its towns are major touristic attractions of Turkey. So is the nightlife and nightclubs. In this article, you will find reviews about Antalya nightlife, nightclubs and bars. In short, Antalya’s nightlife is so much fun, and even can be considered better then Istanbul during summertime. Antalya and its towns like Alanya, Kemer, Olympos are great holiday destination for everyone.

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Antalya is known as being the place in Turkey where the most active nightlife occurs. Turkish locals from nearby areas often come to Antalya for the drinking and dancing opportunities there and tourists will find that there are many places where they, too, can enjoy some of the same. Top spots include: Ally’s – Located in Kaleici, this dance club is known as the best spot for dancing all throughout the night. Club Arma (formerly known as Club 29) – This dance club is popular with the younger adult crowd. Club Aura (also known as First Aura) – This is another dance club that goes all night long. Club CeCe – This is a local disco dance club. Gizli Bahce (with sea view) – This is a bar for the more upscale crowd. Gizli Bahce (top of the town) – Student Hang out Highlander – This pub has indoor and outdoor bars with fountains for ambience. James Joyce Irish Pub – Every city has its local favorite Irish bar and this is the one featured in Antalya. North Shield – This is Antalya’s favorite gay bar. Olympos – This is another popular disco where guests can dance throughout the night. Oxyd is a popular dance club. Tequila Bar – The name says it all. The Jolly Joker Pub XL – ( Rock bar ) Kuşkavağı Mah. Akdeniz Bulvarı – No:2/A Konyaalti / Antalya

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Antalya has the most active, crazy nightlife in Turkey, being considered as the Turkey’s door opening to European free entertainment lifestyle. With mainly a mixture of Russian, German, English, Dutch, French, Italian tourists including native, hot blooded, entertainment lover Turkish youth, it is a sin to sleep at nights at Antalya. You will see lots of clubs, bars, shows including both European and traditional Turkish entertainment. It is so regular seeing tourists under foam baths swimming drunken in the clubs’ pools at the deep hours of night. Here are the main clubs of Antalya with youtube videos: Ally’s Club: This place became the most popular nightclub in Antalya in recent years. It is located in Kaleici. It can be quite crowded especially on Fridays and Saturdays so you will most probably have to wait in queue for entrance. Excellent club dance music.

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Since Antalya is a real tourist center, its infrastructure has been set accordingly, with many restaurants, discos, clubs and taverns that offer great Antalya Nightlife for travelers. Nobody can complain of boredom in this city. The Old Harbor area also hosts many open-air concerts and activities. Discos, Taverns and Clubs Antalya nightlife caters to every taste and whim. During the summer, there is a multitude of bars, discos and dancing venues with upbeat music and revolving lights, filled to capacity by both locals and visitors. This excitement is taken to a new level with the Golden Orange Film Festival, an international event that takes place in Antalya in the fall. The Inferno Club is an elegant, modern nightclub that is very crowded after midnight. This also happens to be when the music improves. With its two-thousand-head capacity, Club 29 is the largest and most frequented club on the Antalya Nightlife scene, with a stunning view over the Antalya Marina. The club is a restaurant, club and bar combined, so you can also start your night there by having dinner. The dress is casual, but lounge shirts are preferred to T-shirts. The Beach Park Konaalti’s Beach Park boasts moonlit cafes lining the Beach Park promenade, where the adjacent lawns in front of Turkish taverns are decorated with a medley of scattered cushions. The Marina Antalya nightlife also expands to the narrow streets or courtyards in Kaleiçi and even to the Yacht Harbor, where visitors can challenge the balmy summer nights by enjoying ice cream and strolling along the breezy pier. Unfortunately, during slow season, the strollers may be bothered by locals waiting outside their shops. Karaalioglu Park Tourists seeking a quiet Antalya night out might prefer Karaalioglu Park. There the beckoning tea gardens are brightly adorned with red seats for the “not so young” or the less animated. There might even be a show at one of the hotels, so one needs to be alert to announcements in this regard. Belly Dancing Belly Dancing is an unequivocal part of almost every resort or town’s nightlife, and Antalya nightlife is no exception. One must know that the tradition is when the dancer approaches your table, she expects a male at the table to stuff a banknote into her bra. Restaurants For those who enjoy a night out eating at a good restaurant, there are the following venues to choose from: Highlander, Kale Bar, Gizli Bahçe (Secret Garden), Kral Sofrasi, Marina Hotel and Stella’s Bistrot. These are among the most well known restaurants in the city.

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Antalya has a very colorful night life. Especially, during the summer months ( june – july – august ), the award-winner marina and its surrounding host a rich variety of discos, bars and pubs all of which are very popular among both the locals and tourists. In Antalya marina there are nice places that you can enjoy with life music. If your favorite music is rock, techno or hip hop there are also many opportunities in marina. Marina is a well known place for night life among local and foreign people. When you go to Kaleici streets for night life you have a change to enjoy in English pubs, folksong bars and also taverns. The night clubs which have revue shows, dance performances are open till morning. In rock bars you meet with very rich drinks menu. Likewise in Titreyengol and Kemer there are plenty of very appealing rock bars, pubs and traditional Turkish taverns. Antalya’s night life becomes even more and more exciting during the International Golden Orange Film Festival. In Antalya you can choose from a quiet drink in a traditional bar to huge open air dance clubs. There is true diversity of nightclubs, discos and bars in the area and you can try something different every night of the week. Some examples: Ally’s: Ally’s has become the most favorite night club in Antalya. During the hot summer nights, if you want to spend a rocking night, you should choose Ally for dancing. You shall be ready to wait in a queue in the entrance, and especially at Friday and Saturday nights, it is really very crowded. Girls and boys do wear their fancy clothes and it is a good quality night club. No special clothes are mentioned; however you can choose good looking night clothes. Inferno: Quite trendy place mostly for trendy people. After midnight the place is very crowded. If you come too early, the music might suck, but don’t leave. When the place gets more and more crowded, the music is getting better. If you are looking for romance you can enjoy the starry sky and also you can chill to some great music. Casual clothes will work just fine. Clup 29: This is the biggest club of Antalya with a capacity of around 2000 people. It is one of the hot places of summer. The club 29 has got a fascinating view, overlooking to the Antalya Marina. The club 29 is serving as a restaurant, bar and club all together.. You can also start the night there by having your dinner or you can just drop in midnight.. There is not a strict regulation for dresses but shirts are more welcomed than T-shirts.. Opening hours: Restaurant 11am-midnight daily, disco 11pm-4am daily Address: Kaleiçi, Antalya Marina If you like rock bars you can go to Jolly Joker Bars. The Jolly Joker Pub XL Address: Kuşkavağı Mah. Akdeniz Bulvarı – No:2/A Konyaalti / Antalya The Jolly Joker Pub Address: Sirinyalı Mah. İsmet Gökşen Caddesi- Lider Plaza No:10/B Antalya

Antalya Nightlife and Nightclubs Review 5 – Antalya Travel Guide

Intro Antalya Province lies in south west Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea and is known as the Turkish Riviera because of its long stretches of golden sand and clear blue seas. Sunshine is guaranteed throughout the summer and the sea is warm. The scenery is spectacular as the area is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains and in addition to this there are pretty whitewashed villages adorned with trailing blossoms which retain the traditional flavour of Turkey. Why Go To Antalya? Turkey retains its traditional appeal even in the most popular tourist resorts, where time-honoured customs sit along side the modern tourist industry. This enables visitors to experience the authentic atmosphere of Turkish life as well as enjoying the facilities that holiday makers have grown to expect. The beaches in Antalya are excellent with a wide variety of water sporting facilities. The nightlife is varied and caters for all tastes from those who wish to party through the night to those searching for a romantic dinner for two. Similarly the diverse cuisine satisfies most palates. Those interested in ancient history will find themselves overwhelmed by the number of archaeological sites. Who Is Antalya Popular With? Antalya is Turkey’s main holiday area being popular with all age ranges and appearing to satisfy most tastes. Families with small children and those who just want to relax in the sun will find many beaches that fulfil their needs. The more energetic holiday maker will discover a wide range of sporting activities both in and out of the water. When To Go To Antalya The holiday season lasts from early spring until late autumn when the temperature range is from the twenties to the high thirties. Although summer is the most popular time to go, winter is ideal for combining skiing in the mountains and bathing in the still warm waters of the Mediterranean. Autumn and winter are also good times to visit the historical sites when the days are cooler. Antalya – The Place Antalya is Turkey’s most popular holiday centre and it is easy to see why this is so. The town of Antalya sits on a cliff above the sea and is surrounded by mountains. The old centre has narrow cobbled streets and is a favourite place for shoppers. Take a walk along its wonderful marina and marvel at the yachts. Visit the mosques with their amazing tile decorations or walk around the town’s remaining Roman fortifications. Fourteen kilometres north east of Antalya are the Duden waterfalls where you can walk behind the cascading water. The beaches in the area have a wonderful backdrop of mountains and pine forests and a foreground of warm clear water perfect for swimming and water sports. There are numerous shops, bazaars and markets where haggling for goods has become something of a sport. A visit to the steaming Turkish baths followed by a massage is a popular attraction especially after a hard night of drinking and dancing. Antalya Culture It is said that Turkey, as far as culture is concerned, is the richest country in the Mediterrean. It has a wealth of ancient ruins and buildings within its shores including many Roman viaducts and theatres and Ottoman bridges. There is also evidence of the caravanserais which were built on the Silk Route as fortified inns to give safe passage to the merchants and their goods. There is a programme of restoration which is ongoing at the present time. Antalya Nightlife The nightlife in Antalya is based around the hotels, restaurants and bars where you can find entertainment to suit most tastes. Hotels often offer floor shows with belly dancers and live music. The liveliest places are in Antalya town where you can party into the early hours. Antalya Shopping Antalya Town provides good shopping facilities especially in the narrow cobbled streets of Kaleici in the old quarter. Boutiques, craft and souvenir shops and jewellers are numerous and have long opening hours. Roadside stalls, bazaars and markets usually sell their goods until midnight. Shopkeepers and stall holders have a very proactive approach to selling and you will be offered many ‘bargains’. Be aware that bartering is expected and that the original price is almost always inflated. There are many outlets for leather goods, carpets and gold and silver jewellery. Don’t forget to buy the blue glass beads which, according to legend protects you from the evil eye. Antalya Eating In Antalya there are numerous places to satisfy the appetite ranging from pavement cafes serving traditional food, to restaurants offering international cuisine. Traditional Turkish food is very tasty and includes stuffed peppers and vine leaves, kebabs and of course feta cheese, olive and tomato salads. Rice dishes are also popular. The national drink of Turkey is raki which is aniseed flavoured. Local Antalya Customs Turkish people, although friendly, are more formal than the British and behaviour follows certain rules. Hand shaking is the usual form of greeting. Overt displays of affection between the sexes are shown disapproval. When visiting mosques shoes should be removed and clothing should be modest. Women are expected to cover their hair. Coffee houses remain part of Turkish culture and even the smallest village will have one. Here the men go to drink their coffee, smoke their pipes and solve the world’s problems.

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Antalya is as lively as Turkey gets after dark, which is quite active indeed, with a seemingly endless array of clubs and bars to choose from. Most of the bars are also discos, or attached to discos, packed with plenty of people dancing to lively soundtracks, and if a club is not open around the clock, at least it offers an opportunity to greet the day. Most of these are located in the Konyaalti Beach Park and Lara Beach area and. Also, these beach clubs, which offer daytime sunning and swimming, become night clubs at dusk. The current most popular place for all night dancing is Club Ally. It may be a bit too popular, as there will certainly be a queue and short wait before entering, especially on weekend nights when it is packed. Dress ranges from informal, but should be showy enough to catch attention, to quite formal. Anything goes, as long as you look your best and want to dance. The Jest is another dance club that is open all hours and generally packed, as is the World 66, which has quite a good décor but is informal and popular. The Club Arma and the Club Ceila are other good choices for a lively evening and they are open until sunrise. If you would rather watch than participate in the dancing, many of the hotels offer belly-dancing floor shows in there lounges that are open to the general public. If your mood is for a drink and some quiet conversation, the many waterfront bars in the Kaleiçi area are a good destination. O’Neil’s Irish Pub may seem a bit out of place in Antalya but it has a good pub atmosphere and English satellite TV. It is open 24 hours, daily. The North Shield Pub is another place for a drink and conversation with English speaking tourists and ex-pats, as well as lots of locals. Antalya offers some annual cultural festivals such as the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, which is the largest film festival in Turkey. Plan to attend it if you are in Turkey during the last week of September. During the next month, October, the Mediterranean International Music Festival runs for 6 days, and features International Music, both contemporary and traditional. During June and July, there is the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival and toward the end of August, the Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival Competition is on tap.

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