Izmir Nightlife Nightclubs and Bars

June 10, 2011

in Izmir

izmir nightlifeIzmir nightlife has various options for everyone. Izmir can be considered as a modern city in Turkey, therefore nightlife of Izmir is as good as other cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. Izmir is also famous for its beautiful girls and women in Turkey, I am sure you will see lots of them on the streets with genereous outfits especially during summer time. It is also highly possible to run into tourists from UK, Russia, Germany, Greece and Ukraine.

Izmir Nightlife Districts

Alsancak and Kordon area near the sea is very beautiful as for walking, relaxing, sitting at a bar and drinking. There are also many rock bars around. Near the shore, lots of cafes and bars where you can eat and drink.

Kucukpark, a area near Ege University is also very active at nights. That area does not sleep 24 hours and most of them are students. If you like partying, drinking and having fun, then Kucukpark is a must see area.

Izmir Nightclubs and Bars

Zeus Bar, Mavi Bar, Opus Bar, Marche Cabaret, Kaffe Bostanli, Vegas, Club en Velo, Dungeon Rock Bar, Bios Bar, Sayanora Nightclub, Ooze Venue.

You can always explore nightclubs and bars by asking people around those nightlife districts. So no need to worry about knowing any specific places to go and to have fun.

In general, Izmir is a city you will enjoy during daytime and nighttime. If you have enough time, you can also visit Cesme, a beach town near Izmir.

Izmir is also a gay and lesbian friendly city as long as you do not go to suburps. You can also find gay and lesbian nightclubs and bars.

izmir nightclubs bars

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